First, I want to apologize for no update in 6 months.  It has been way too long.  I’ve had much to write about but I seem to never get around to publishing them.  I think my problem is that I try to write a complete entry, polish it, take the photos that work, etc. and then that takes so long that I don’t get around to doing it.  Perfect is the enemy of the good.  But not in 2015.  I will add more quick entries and if the writing is choppy, well.  then let it be that way. punctuation be damned   ∂ .

Quick update on the farm:
We’ve planted another 275 container and bare-root chestnut trees and have another 50 to go.IMG_5609I decided to try my hand and at growing some from seed.  I started with 175 seeds and put them in little palletized containers in January, big mistake.  It was just too wet for the little guys and they rotted in soaked soil before they could germinate.  Fortunately I had another batch of chestnuts sent by Greg Miller at Empire Chestnut Company in Ohio.  I kept those in a much drier strata, under roof.  I watered twice a week and started planting the seedlings in rows at the farm 5 feet apart.  We’ll see how that goes.

Plans for this year:
We’re going to do the pumpkin sale agin this fall and have purchased 3 times as many seeds as we used last year.  We hope to have more than enough pumpkins this year.  We also took note of what sold out first, (white pumpkins!) and should have plenty on hand.

We’re also going to plant something that hasn’t ever been tried in Alabama this fall.  More on that later in the year.

Plan for the blog:
Entries I will write this year (hold me accountable):
* 2014 in review, mistakes we made, ways we got lucky.
* More entries on bees as folks seem to eat that up.
* Guest entries by my kids.
* What do people do with Chestnuts…besides roasting over an open fire
* Info on the secret project

Thanks for reading!


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